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How to Choose the Best Batteries and Chargers for Vape Devices

A vape device will never be complete without it’s standby accessories. One of the biggest accessories for you’re invaluable vaping device is the battery. If the vape device is the body, the battery is the heart. Generally, every vape device comes with a battery and charger. But if you are still unsure about the right match for you’re devices, this blog is just for you. Here you will get a clear idea about choosing the best batteries and chargers for vape devices.

The first necessity of choosing the right battery is to vape safely. For this, you should also have more capacity available for you’re estimated power consumption. It is essential to understand the resistance of the coil because the coil resistance determines how long the battery will retain it’s charge.

Best Batteries to explore

1. AMPKING 3000MAH 20700 Battery
2. AWT 202700 4200 MAH
3. AMPKING Battery 3000MAH
4. Efest Battery 18650 2500MAH

Batteries in Unregulated Mod/Vape Device

On an unregulated device, you should have information about the nominal voltage of the battery and the coil resistance. In these types of mods, the voltage tends to reduce as you’re battery drains. This will result in diminishing cloud production over time.

The use of Multi Battery Mods

If you’re vaping device supports multiple batteries, the device will run these batteries in series or parallel. A Series configuration will consider two batteries as one. But the Amps drainage may remain the same. In the case of parallel configurations, the voltage does not double. Instead, the capacity of the cells is increased along with the available current. This means both the types of configurations achieve similar outcomes but in different procedures.

What is a 18650 Battery?

The 18650 is a lithium-ion battery. This is the size that is used in vaping devices commonly. The number signifies the dimensions in millimeters units in terms of width and length. Precisely it is 18mm wide and 65.0mm long. Refer to the manual of you’re vaping device to know about the battery type that it supports. Another tip is to check the product page on the website.

Charging a Vape Battery

The batteries used in these devices are rechargeable. You can charge them through an external charger. Using a USB connection is not recommended as it can damage the device.

Instructions to charge

1. Place the battery on the charger. Put the flat side of the battery on the spring-loaded side of the charger.
2. Put the connection in the sled after pulling it back.
3. Wait for it to charge completely and than remove from the charger.
4. Avoid overcharging the batteries for best use.

Pay attention to These Details while Choosing

MAH – this indicated the duration of the battery to remain charged. The longer the better it is.

AMPs – This is the power output for a short period

CDR – This means Continuous Discharge rating and it indicated the power out over a long period.

The cell size – This is important to understand. It determines whether the cell will fit in you’re mod.

The batteries should fit the vaping device appropriately. Beware of clones as their are plenty of these in the market. Always purchase you’re vaping accessories from a trusted source to get authentic products and best results.

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