Killa Fruits E-Liquid

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A creator of amazingly refreshing fruit combinations that will fill up you’re senses with scrumptious goodness and have you whistling a happy tune all day long. Killa Fruits E Liquid produces high-quality products that will please both you’re taste buds and you’re mods. 
Its amazing formula performs beautifully, killing the game with they’re fruit flavors that are jam-packed with bold, vibrant intensity. One puff of they’re flavor will make you jump and dance as soon as it hits you with it’s impactful essence. A once in a lifetime experience, you can never get sick of they’re loud, punchy zest that seamlessly recreates the fruits they are inspired by.
The different combinations will blow you’re mind that is for sure. Also, they’re creativity and effective way of creating cohesive blends that work together seamlessly will make this line you’re go-to for fresh juices. If you took a basket out into a lush orchard with every fruit flavor and picked them all yourself, perfectly ripe off of they’re trees you still wouldn’t experience the quality and realistic sense that these juices are able to produce. One of the exciting things about Killa Fruits E Liquid is they’re ability to keep they’re powerful blends strong without being abrasive.
Its time to vape, you know what to reach for!
Blue Raspberry,
Red Apple Peach,
Water Strawberry 
Kiwi Strawberry

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Blue Raspberry, Kiwi Strawberry, Water Strawberry , Red Apple Peach, Blue Raspberry ice, Kiwi Strawberry ice, Water Strawberry ice, Red Apple Peach ice


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