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Top 5 Vaping Trends among Vapers in UK

The use of tobacco has changed dramatically in the last few years. The use of noncombustible tobacco has surpassed the use of combustible ones. Most vapers believe vaping to be the best alternative to smoking. More youths and teens are indulging heavily in vaping rather than using traditional cigarettes.

So what has made the difference? One possibility is the introduction of flavoured Nicotine products. These are commonly believed to be non-harmful. Vaping does not rule out the use of nicotine. But, to much surprise, today’s vapers are more addicted to the concept rather than the smoke or nicotine intake. Such is the trend. But there are other trends too and here are the top 5 trends among vapers in the UK.

1. The Number of Vapers will keep Increasing

Since vaping has already been chosen as a safe method for smoking, it is sure to attract more people. This means the vaping community will proliferate in the years ahead. Vape shops continue to grow and increase in number. The different vaporizers and innovative flavours are more than enough to grow the market further.

2. Smokers will have a good reason to switch to the vaping

There is a difference between those who start directly with vaping and those that switch from smoking to vaping. In the days ahead, the reason for switching from smoking to vaping will be well known. This is because more people are aware that vaping is a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking. Plus, vaping also brings an end to some myths like ‘Popcorn Lungs’. This will bring up a good debate in the vaping world. There will be more evidence of vaping to be safer.

3. Studies related to the impact of e-cigarettes on health will grow

Since vaping is a relatively new concept, the long term effects are still unknown. Over time the results and consequences can be observed. This will invite more researchers to study the impacts of vaping and using e-cigarettes on health. More innovations will enter this arena as people take up vaping on a greater scale. Some of the interesting fields of study include vapour shop marketing studies, the sociological reviews of the vaping groups and certainly the health effects. The studies could further bring out the damages caused to health and the potential measures that need to be taken.

4. Possibilities of Changes in Tobacco Products Directives

In the UK, the Tobacco Products Directives came to force in 2014. This act restricted the methods in which e-cigarettes and products related to e-cigarettes could be sold. With Britain’s exit from the European Union, more vape advocated is proposing to reform the directives imposed on the vaping industry. This somewhere sends a soft signal for a change in Tobacco Product Directives.

5. Youths are the potential customers

Young people including the teens are most fascinated by the concept of vaping. Hence, in the coming years, the nation can expect these young minds to be potential customers for the industry. Hence, bringing an upgrade to the selling styles and habits can benefit sellers in the arena.

Vaping does not indicate a habit to move away easily. This concept is to see further growth in the future. These five significant trends already indicate the dramatic change in the industry over the last few years. Furthermore, it also reflects the possible changes in the next twelve months in this industry.

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