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Want to Chase Clouds? Learn to Select the Right Vape Device

Hardcore smokers are gradually shifting to vaping as it’s a safer alternative and also the level of nicotine intake can be greatly reduced. The reason for more smokers moving to vaping is pretty simple. Well, vaping allows people to make big clouds of vapour. So are you one of those who love to chase clouds in the form of vaping? If yes, you will agree that with pen-sized e-cigs, one won’t be able to win the tag of a cloud chaser. In order to be a cloud chaser, one needs to have the right kind of devices with them.

Picking the Right Device for Chasing Cloud Is Problematic

However, with so many manufactures in the market, it can become difficult, especially for newbie’s to choose the right kind of vape devices. Even those who have some kind of experience in vaping, find it to be a Herculean task to pick the right product for chasing clouds. The confusion happens mainly because there are a wide variety of devices in the market, such as vape mods, vape tanks, etc. all these devices offer similar functionality. However, it’s crucial to pick a device that would meet the requirement of a vaper.

Certain Factors Play a Great Role in Cloud Formation

Even though not everyone is into cloud chasing, but creating huge clouds is an art. So those who want chase cloud or simply want to produce maximum clouds should pick their device carefully.

Similarly, there are some factors that go into play for creating maximum clouds. The factors are air flow, the power supply, and conductivity. When any of these factors don’t work properly, one won’t be able to get the desired level of cloud. For instance, if some device offers better conductivity but poor power supply, it won’t help in cloud chasing. So, vaping aficionados while choosing a device need to ensure that their device meets the three factors needed for chasing cloud.

Vape Mods or Vape Tanks: Which One Is Right For Chasing Cloud?

Should you go for vape mods or vape tanks for cloud chasing? The answer may vary depending on the vapers’ requirement.

Vape tanks can be ideal for those who want to chase maximum clouds from the device. On the other hand, vape mods are powered by high-tech battery, which powers the device and produces dense and flavoured clouds. One advantage of using vape mods over vape tanks is that one would be able to vape and chase clouds instantly. Hence, vapers won’t need to wait for enjoying rich vapours.

Regulated vs Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are ideal for chasing clouds. However, beginners should always for the regulated ones instead of the mechanical mods. It’s because the mechanical mods can be a bit difficult to operate.

Mechanical mods can be problematic if they don’t operate properly. So for perfect cloud chasing, the batteries need to work properly so that there is proper air flow and conductivity. Mechanical mods are best for those who want to take part in for cloud chasing as they offer the best conductivity and maximum voltage performance. It also matches durability and performance.

Power Setting is Crucial

In order to chase dense clouds, the power setting is vital. Whether one opts for an RDA or RTA tanks, the amount of current that would pass through the cloud is crucial. Before picking a vape mod or vape tank, it’s important to check if the power setting can be adjusted from a low to high one. Only then one would be able to enjoy the flavour and produce big clouds.

Vapers would agree that the beauty of vaping lies in the formation of thick vapour clouds. Hence, picking the right device like mechanical mod or tank is extremely important.

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